United Supporters



Joanne Lewis is a woman with a big heart, who likes to help when she can. Joanne was kind enough to donate $500 to use towards getting Niagara United off the ground. Joanne your generous gift is appreciated by all of us here at Niagara United. Thank you for your support! 

Partners In Recovery


Dan Carley is active in helping people in their recovery start to feel healthy again. Partners In Recovery has generously donated towards our many events. Thank you for your support!

In Honour of Jamie Ryan


Jill and Tom lost their son to suicide 02-04-19 after a long and lengthy battle with his mental health. Jamie was a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend. Jamie's parents have donated to Niagara United in honour of their amazing son, and we promise to use this amazing donation to help those just like Jamie.

George Darte Funeral Home


We thank Mr. Darte for his donation (in honour of Jamie Ryan) and for the support he has shown to those within our community in some of their darkest times. Thank you for your support!